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This page is dedicated to our ICISF Approved Instructors and their sponsoring agencies who need to order course materials for their upcoming registered ICISF Crisis Intervention Course.

To be able for us to process your order you will have to provide the course registration number you received after registering your course with ICISF using standard procedures.  If you are ordering materials to be shipped please make sure to order in time for delivery prior to your scheduled course. Please allow three to five business days for processing before shipping occurs. Please visit our support page for FAQ

Featured titles

Pastoral Crisis Intervention II
Author: George S. Everly, Jr., Phd, CCISM, Author: Robert Dewey, Author: Glenn Calkins, Author: Thomas Webb, Author: George Grimm

This course builds on the foundations of ICISF’s “Pastoral Crisis Intervention” class. More specific advanced concepts and specific field applications where pastoral crisis intervention is applied will be covered.

Strategic Response to Crisis
Author: Jeffrey T. Mitchell, PhD, CCISM, Author: George S. Everly, Jr., Phd, CCISM, Author: Daniel Clark

Knowing what sequence of crisis intervention processes to use for which individuals or groups, at what times, and under what circumstances is crucial to all effective early intervention programs. The course will present essential information for the assessment of both crisis situations and the effects of critical incidents on people involved in those situations.

Suicide Prevention, Intervention & Postvention
Author: Daniel Clark, Author: Denise Thompson, Author: Victor Welzant

Why do people kill themselves? How do I ask someone if they are feeling suicidal? What do I do if they say they ARE suicidal? How do I deal with the strong emotions suicide generates? This course will provide answers for these and other questions many of crisis interventionists have about suicide.